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SafeMix Shavings

SafeMix Shavings

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Safemix Equestrian is becoming a popular bedding among leading equestrians and It has been the official bedding used at Horse of the Year Show for multiple years, most recently in 2021.

A blend of specially selected wood shavings and shredded soft wood fibre, Safemix Equestrian is a high-quality, affordable bedding solution developed specifically for equestrian use. Soft and absorbent, Safemix is comfortable, clean, and remains drier for longer, while staying in place well for a safe footing. Advanced manufacturing techniques that include two rigorous dust-extraction processes as well as powerful sanitisation, produce an ultra-clean and hygienic form of bedding.

Many leading equestrians are now turning to Safemix for a readily available, cost-effective bedding that delivers all-round high-performance while being kind to the environment too.


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