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Arkwrights Complete Beef

Arkwrights Complete Beef

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Balanced diet for active dogs, with no artificial additives and slow energy release to keep your dog happy and healthy.

A delicious dry working dog food that provides a perfectly balanced diet for all adult working and sporting dogs - keeping them healthy in their active lifestyles! Produced with the utmost care to provide a balanced diet, this crunchy kibble is made with the finest ingredients. It contains 18% protein, 7% fat, vitamins, minerals and wholegrain cereals for slow energy release, keeping your working dog happy throughout the day! No added artificial colours, flavours or sugars as standard.


  • Balanced Diet - Healthy and happy dogs
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or sugars - So you know exactly what your working dog is eating
  • Slow energy release - Keeping your working dog happy throughout the day

Suitable for: Adult working dogs aged between 12 months and 7 years

Not suitable for: Working dogs under 12 months. Due to the composition of the product, it should not be fed to non-working dogs.

Approximate Dimensions:

15kg: H66 x W42 x D16cm


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