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Mixed Poultry Grit

Mixed Poultry Grit

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Poultry Grit

Jondo Mixed Poultry Grit consists of a mix of:

  • Soluble Grit: Oystershell and seashells plus limestone and
  • Insoluble Grit: Flint

This is a 4-7mm graded mix of ingredients necessary to keep poultry in top condition:
Insoluble hard grit which has a grinding action in the gizzard enabling


Oystershell is an excellent source of calcium which is soluble and is digested by the bird, enabling her to form strong egg-shells.

A constant supply of Oystershells prevents her from producing soft or poor quality egg shells. Its slow solubility provides a steady calcium level, ensuring stronger bones and a healthier bird.


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