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SafeMix Pallet Deal (30 bales)

SafeMix Pallet Deal (30 bales)

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Safemix Equestrian is our flagship equestrian bedding product. It is an excellent example of ‘Arden innovation’ and is an affordable, ultra-clean horse bedding solution, which has fast become ‘the equestrian bedding of choice’ for many horse owners.

  • Dust-extracted – supports respiratory health.
  • Soft and comfortable – encourages horses to relax.
  • Excellent absorption - stays drier for longer.
  • Reduces odours – keeping the stable fresher.
  • Ultra-clean, safe, and hygienic – sterile, bio-secure.
  • Stays in place well – reduces bare patches in the stable.
  • Easy to muck out and dispose of – smaller muck heaps, biodegradable.
  •  Best value for money – a little goes a long way.
  • Can be used with rubber stable mats – requiring even less bedding.


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