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Saracen Recovery Mash

Saracen Recovery Mash

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Re-Covery mash is a quick soaking mash formulated to encourage drinking and intake of electrolytes and soluble fibres. Re-Covery mash contains beet pulp, soya hulls and lucerne, all of which are easily digested and important for normal gut function. Ideal for feeding to encourage fluid intake after heavy work, for foaling mares, following transport or at times of stress, such as foal and yearling sales. Re-Covery mash is highly palatable with a banana flavouring to tempt fussy feeders.

Re-Covery Mash is designed to be fed as an addition to an existing feeding programme. Feed soaked at a ratio of a minimum of 1 part feed: 2 parts water, or to the desired consistency, i.e. add 1 litre of water to 500 g of Re-Covery Mash.
Feeding requirements will vary subject to individual needs, level of work, body condition and feed management practices. To discuss the needs of your stud or yard, please contact one of our Thoroughbred Specialists who will be able to tailor a feeding plan, taking into consideration all aspects of the diet, from forage sources to feeds and supplements.


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